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After the massive artillery barrage, the Union infantry gathered for a final charge. The entire 10,000 strong army was visible on the battlefield - a terrifying sight to behold. After the success of both the artillery and infantry, the Confederates…

The carefully orchestrated and precise barrage of cannon fire for 2 straight hours from the Union lines devastated the Confederate troops and moral. This was the first time this practice was used effectively in the Civil War.

A grand view of the battlefield from ground level.

The Confederates and Union gathered in the early morning, prepared to take victory. The Union started a fierce barrage of artillery for 2 hours - the most powerful show of artillery force in the entire war up until that point. The Confederates, low…

Confederate General Earl Van Dorn sat down that night with his troops, confident in a victory. He did not know that the Union, in the cover of night, were gathering their troops, supplies and ammunition for an assault the next day. He also had made a…

With victory in the making, Confederate General Earl Van Dorn decided to use his reserve unit - the Missouri State Guard. As they drove them back, the Confederates had a bold victory on the first night at Elkhorn Tavern.

For the first day of battle, these rocks helped defend and hide the weary Confederates after their long march to arrive at the battle and after the initial fighting.
All was well, until the second day, where this natural defense became a death…

The pictures of the battlefield show Ruddicks Field, Intense Confederate fighting had brought them around the mountain where this picture was taken, pushing the Union back to Elkhorn Tavern. As the day ended, the Confederates were ready for one last…

Another grand view of the battlefield.

The great problem that the Union faced was the problem of turning their southern facing army to the north while keeping the supply wagons away from the hands of the Confederacy.
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