March 7, 1862 Day One


March 7, 1862 Day One


The Battle of Pea Ridge/Elkhorn Tavern was an important battle for the Trans-Mississippi area during the American Civil War. The Confederate's were desperate to keep Missouri for the southern cause - with a failed attempt to take St. Louis Missouri was one step closer to staying with the Union. The Union knew that taking Missouri and from there Arkansas, they would eventually make it to the Mississippi River, cutting the Confederates in two and leaving the states west of the Mississippi abandoned by the Confederate military.

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City of Soldiers - Union Headquarters
This was the "nerve center" of the Union Army. Back in 1864, you would see Union soldiers milling about, awaiting orders for the upcoming clash of Union and Confederates. This was also where General Curtis, the Union commander, set up his…

Union General Curtis orders his men to prepare for battle
General Curtis (Union) knew that his 10,500 men army was vastly outnumbered by the incoming 16,000 Confederate army. No help would be sent from St. Louis. To compensate, Curtis ordered his men to dig in north of Little Sugar Creek, on the bluffs.

The Confederates suprise attack from the north
As the Union dug in at Little Sugar Creek, a Union scout reported back that the Confederates were spotted NORTH of Telegraph road, marching down towards them. The strategic spot for the Union was useless- they were facing the opposite direction.…

The Confederate Army under General McCulloch
The 7,000 army strong Confederate Force north of Leetown under General Ben McCulloch stopped before the open cornfield and waited while the General himself rode his horse out to scout for the enemy. Without any Confederate soldier seeing, he was…

Union Calvary Flee to Warn the Union Army
After the fiery fighting delivered by the Confederates under the late General McCulloch, the Union Calvary ran off to inform the rest of the Union Army that the Confederates were heading their way with strength and determination. The German speaking…

View of the Battlefield
Fun Fact: Pea Ridge was the only major Civil War battle where Native American troops participated. The Confederacy had two regiments of about 1,000 men who help route two Union Cavalry companies. After the Union artillery joined, the forced the…

Military Order is Dissolved
The fighting in Morgan's woods on March 7th was described as intense hand to hand combat. Soldiers reported that they could not even see 20 ft ahead of them, and many took to the ground to avoid the constant flying of lead and shrapnel.

Confederates sent Union Fleeing
7,000 Confederate Troops marching down Ford Road unexpectedly run into a small, 600 force of Union troops. With a defiant yell and charge, the Confederates sent the Union fleeing back through the trees.

The Confederate Army's Long March Before the Battle
The larger Confederate Army had a long, hard march before their meeting with the Union at Pea Ridge. General Van Dorn sent them on a detour around the Union troops along the Bentenville Detour. Telegraph Road was a vital supply route for the Union…

Bird's Eye View of the Battlefield
From this view, you would be able to see the advancing Union and Confederate Army clash on March 7, 1862.
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